Conducting Sleep Tests Made Easy

Sleepimage: More Than A Just Sleep Tracker (Home Sleep Test Device)

SleepImage is rooted in efficiency, delivering professionals data storage accuracy on par with PSG gold standards, and their patients comfort


How SleepImage is Changing Sleep Medicine?

While SleepImage does not diagnose sleep disorders, it instead aides sleep medicine professionals by providing them with sleep data through 6 – channel, multi-night testing.


SleepImage can Store Complex Data

The SleepImage System proves itself to be a crucial tool in revolutionizing the process of HST by storing patterns in sleep behavior and uploading it to a cloud-based system for professionals. The home sleep test system makes the availability of raw sleep data easily accessible to physicians.


The SleepImage Ring

The SleepImage ring was developed with comfort in mind. The SleepImage team wanted to create a sleep tracing device that does not involve multiple cords and intrusive devices attached to a patient.

The SleepImage System

Our SleepImage System can store data from a 6-channel, multi-night testing process and upload it to efficient cloud-based storage. The medical professional will then have indefinite access to the data for interpretation and diagnosis purposes.

Personalized HST Device

SleepImage also offers a personalized at home sleep study device for a more focused approach towards studying particular patients’ disordered sleep patterns.

Get Started in a Few Steps

While the SleepImage Ring and System can store heaps of raw, significant data, setting the entire process up is easy. All the physician has to do is send an email with the application link and patient Id, and it’s all smooth sailing from there.

Making Sleep Diagnosis Easy

To get the SleepImage HST kit all you have to do is to buy the SleepImage Ring from our website and set up your account with us. You can contact our support staff for further assistance.

Agreeable with Patient Comfort

Since the sleep ring is made to fit snugly on the patient’s thumb, it makes it easy for the individual to complete their sleep studies.

Compliant with Physician Needs

The SleepImage System stores crucial, raw sleep data for physicians’ future use. It is a 3-step setup process that is easy to maneuver through.
Guided by a Deep Understanding of Sleep Science to Help People Sleep Better
The SleepImage System is created in collaboration with sleep medicine specialists who are well-known for their contributions to the world of sleep science.

The SleepImage Mobile App

The SleepImage mobile app is a tool that has been optimized to accumulate sleep behavior patterns and transfer the raw data to a cloud-based SleepImage portal.


The SleepImage system is not only competent but also easily affordable and accessible through our website.


SleepImage setup is easy. All you have to do is send a link to the patient’s phone and you will get started.

6-channel testing

The best sleep tracker system analyzes an individual’s sleep health thoroughly. Therefore it conducts six-channel testing: Heart Rate, SpO2, Actigraphy, Respiration, Pleth, and HRV.

Multi-night Testing

The at home sleep study allows for the accumulation of data gathered through 6-channel testing conducted over multiple nights.

SleepImage for Children

Children suffer from sleep disorders as well, and SleepImage has a solution for that too. The pediatric-sized ring is designed especially for children ages two and above so sleep disorders are identified before they worsen.

Quoted in around 100 Peer-reviewed Articles

The SleepImage System has been quoted in around 100 peer-reviewed articles and counting. The home sleep test application is an intricately built data accumulation process that has been referred to by several research articles.


SleepImage is approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its software.

Easy Billing

SleepImage System is billable to CPT 95800 for diagnosis and to CPT 99453, 99454, 99457, and 99458 for remote patient monitoring.

Easy Pairing

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

The SleepImage system has been developed to provide physicians with sleep data compiled through a 6-channel multi-night testing process. The thorough data will then allow sleep medicine professionals to diagnose patients and formulate the right treatment.
The sleep ring, which the patient will be advised to wear, stores raw data related to the patient’s sleep the entire night. The data will then be uploaded to the cloud which will then be used by physicians to diagnose disordered sleep patterns and/or sleep apnea in their patients.
The SleepImage mobile application is linked to a cloud-based SleepImage portal that the physician can access anytime, anywhere. The mobile application will upload the data gathered by the sleep ring which will then remain available for the medical team to access the morning after.
While the SleepImage system does not diagnose any disorders it does collect sleep data for physicians to diagnose underlying sleep conditions in individuals.

Get Started with SleepImage

Rummage through our website and select your sleep ring and set up your account. If you need any help you can contact our support staff as well.

SleepImage Ring and Application

The ring and the application are developed through a lot of research with the help of an advisory board that has spent decades in the field.

SleepImage Team

Whether it is the ideation or the production department – your sleep system has been developed by industry pros!

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Conduct Sleep Tests with Ease

The SleepImage system has been created to facilitate more complex sleep studies. The field of sleep science has so many horizons to discover and our sleep tracker will become a stepping stone for the advancement of sleep medicine.