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Leading Clinical Trials In Boston

MetroBoston Clinical Partners is a clinical research group based in the greater Boston area with offices in Brighton and Needham. Our mission is to conduct high-quality medical trials in the fields of Dermatology and Internal Medicine, in an ethical and cost-effective manner, with value to our community of patients and sponsors.

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Enroll In Clinical Trials In Boston

Our aim is to conduct clinical trials that provide novel treatments to patients. Enroll with us.

    MetroBoston Clinical Research Center

    about us

    MetroBoston Clinical Partners is a well established and experienced research center in the greater Boston area. Under the leadership of qualified physicians and medical professionals, we coordinate a range of clinical research trials in Dermatology and Internal Medicine. Our team is experienced and uses a patient-centered approach.

    Our clinical trials in Boston help improve patient outcomes by conducting ethical and cutting-edge research by evaluating the latest novel treatments and medications available to patients.

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    MetroBoston’s Research Studies

    Our investigators have combined decades of experience conducting dozens of medical trials.
    We have conducted trial in many areas of Dermatology and Internal Medicine including:

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    Why Enroll With Us

    MetroBoston Clinical Partners in the greater Boston area conducts clinical trials in Boston with investigational products that are not available conventionally. Moreover, participants can contribute to the advancement of the medical field.

    Learn more about our current clinical trials.

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    Why Work With Us

    Choosing MetroBoston Clinical Partners means partnering with a team of experienced professionals devoted to delivering high-quality research services with a patient-centered approach.

    By working with us, physicians can gain access to cutting-edge research, advanced medical technologies, and the latest scientific insights.

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    Why Partner With Us

    MetroBoston Clinical Partners has successfully completed multiple trials for a variety of medical conditions, working closely with a range of CROs and sponsors. We have an excellent reputation in the research community and pride ourselves on meeting the needs of both patients and sponsors alike.

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    Participate in Our Studies

    We are enrolling multiple clinical trials now.
    To learn more about our current clinical trials in Boston and study eligibility enroll with us here.

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    Our Locations

    Brighton, Massachusetts

    Suite 204, 280 Washington St. Brighton, Massachusetts, 02135

    (Across from St. Elizabeth’s Hospital)

    Needham, Massachusetts

    Suite LL2, 60 Dedham Ave. Needham, Massachusetts, 02492

    (In the Cox Building)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are clinical trials?

    Clinical trials are research studies that investigate the safety and effectiveness of new clinical products, including medications, vaccines, and medical devices. The purpose of clinical trials is to gather data about the safety and efficacy of new products before they can be approved for use by regulatory authorities.

    Is it safe to participate in clinical trials?

    Patient recruiting for clinical trials is based on screening, which is performed by qualified physicians and their staff. The risks and benefits of participating in the trial are clearly explained by the investigator prior to enrolling in the trial. Throughout the trial, the participant is carefully monitored by medical professionals.

    How do I participate in clinical trials?

    To participate in one of our clinical trials, visit our website and fill out the web form here. We place prompt calls to participants who are eligible to be included in our studies.

    Why should I participate in a clinical trial with MetroBoston Clinical Partners?

    MetroBoston is a leading clinical research organization and we take pride in our transparent clinical procedure. We provide proper patient care throughout the trial and participants can receive new treatments for better health outcomes. Moreover, your participation in the study can help advance medical knowledge and benefit other patients in the future.

    MetroBoston Clinical Partners prides itself on providing excellent patient care in a friendly atmosphere. We strive to meet all the needs of our patients. We have successfully completed dozens of clinical trials. By enrolling with us, patients can be afforded access to the latest clinical trials and patients are compensated for their participation. MetroBoston Clinical Partners is conveniently located with two offices in the greater Boston area.