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Clinical Trial Recruitment at Morton, IL

We bridge the gap between pharmaceutical companies and potential participants, expediting crucial research and granting patients access to innovative treatment options clinical trial recruitment at Morton, IL

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What We Do?

At Koch Research, we’re passionate about advancing healthcare through clinical trials. We offer a comprehensive solution for sponsors and clinical trial recruitment at Morton, IL for patients seeking new treatment options.

For Sponsors

Multicenter Expertise

Conduct your research seamlessly across various specialties with our established network of research sites.

Expert Trial Management

We handle all aspects of your clinical trial, from start to finish.

For Patients

Find Relevant Trials

Easily search our database of ongoing clinical trials near you in Morton, IL and beyond.

Expert Support

Get personalized guidance and support throughout the entire clinical trial process.

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Process of Clinical Trial Recruitment at Morton, IL

Patient recruiting for clinical trials involves several steps: researchers actively recruit eligible participants through methods like advertising and referrals, who then undergo screening to assess their suitability. Upon eligibility confirmation, participants receive detailed trial information and provide informed consent. Baseline assessments establish their health status before randomization into treatment groups. Participants then receive interventions according to the study design. Follow-up includes close monitoring for adverse events. Data collection on outcomes like efficacy and safety occurs throughout the trial, with subsequent analysis determining intervention effectiveness. Trial findings are reported to inform healthcare professionals and the public.

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Our Clinical Research Studies

Explore our studies that are currently enrolling participants.


Koch Research is investigating potential treatments to reduce the risk of major cardiovascular events.

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We are researching innovative treatment methods for individuals suffering from chronic kidney disease.

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Infectious Diseases

Koch researchers are discovering potential treatment for individuals affected by infectious diseases.

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We are developing cutting-edge In vitro diagnostic tests for easy detection of diseases.

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Healthy Person - Vaccine Study

Koch Research is revolutionizing the treatments and vaccines for different kind of conditions.

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Our Services

At Koch Research, we’re not just another clinical research provider. We’re your partner in scientific discovery, offering comprehensive and integrated solutions for clinical trial recruitment at Morton, IL.

For Patients

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional care to all our volunteers, prioritizing your health and safety.

Active Studies

We currently opened clinical trial recruitment at Morton, IL for active clinical trials.

For Sponsors

We ensure full compliance with study protocols, timely submission of all documents, and prioritize patient safety.

Meet Our Team


DR. Stanley Koch,

MD | Executive Director


DO | Executive Director


DO | Executive Director



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Morton, Illinois

411 Maxine Drive, Morton, Illinois 61550

Hear it From Our Patients

Koch Research’s expert team takes a thorough approach, and the caring staff made me feel safe and valued throughout the study.

John Howard

KOCH Research exceeded my expectations with their clinical trial. The attention to detail and the dedication of the research team were impressive

Anna Carrey

Participating in a clinical trial with KOCH Research was a fantastic experience. They were professional and organized. They made sure my health was a priority.

Ted Harris

Frequently Asked Question

What is a clinical research trial?

A clinical research trial is a study conducted to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of new medications, treatments, or medical devices.

How can I participate in a clinical research trial?

You can participate in a clinical research trial by contacting research centers or hospitals conducting trials in your area by searching for paid clinical trials near me in Morton, IL.

What are the benefits of participating in a clinical trial?

Participating in a clinical trial provides access to innovative treatments before they are widely available, and the opportunity to contribute to medical advancements.

How are clinical trial results used to improve healthcare?

Clinical trial results are used to inform healthcare providers, policymakers, and regulatory agencies about the safety and effectiveness of new treatments.

How can I find out if I'm eligible to participate in a clinical trial?

You can find out if you’re eligible to participate in a clinical trial by contacting the research team conducting the trial or by visiting online registries that list available trials and eligibility criteria.

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